2012-2013 Results

2012 District III Honors Auditions Results
2012 District III Contemporary Music Festival

Dear Teachers! Congratulations to all of you and your students. Whoever came to listen can probably agree with me that there was a lot of fine music played. As I mentioned during the competition, all students are already winners because all of them performed music of great composers and this is the biggest reward for them and us as their teachers. Since competitions need to recognize winners our winners list is below. Everyone who became a winner is eligible to perform in the State Level of the competitions. If your student is a winner and will not be able to play in Convention, please let me know as soon as possible so the alternates can possibly perform. These are the competition results:
Cat A Kasper Yoder   Winner Student of Roza Yoder
 Cat B        Dominik Yoder           Winner Student of Roza Yoder
  James Kim         Alternate     Student of Anders Martinson
 Cat C Aya Cohen Winner Student of Mie Shirai
 Cat D Erin Lee Winner Student of Hye-Won Cho
  Lukasz Yoder Alternate Student of Roza Yoder
 Cat E Samantha Fang     Winner Student of Gideon Rubin
 Cat F Rachel Yu Chen Winner Student of Roza Yoder
  Jason Griffin Alternate Student of David Wu
 Cat IV Robert Hu Winner Student of David Wu
 Cat V Alexander Hao     Winner Student of David Wu
 Cat VI Arif Covalt Winner Student of Deborah Aitken
So many days of preparations and now the competition is already behind us. Thank you all for helping. I was not looking to be the chair person for the competition, but it was actually quite fun to get to know you and do things together. Big thanks to Naoko Watanabe for making the Certificates, Gideon Rubin for making the program, David Wu for huge help before the event and during, Diana Lev for helping to keep the time during the competition, Mie Shirai for help with lunch, and Mihyang Keel form willingness to help after the competition. Some of you wanted to help, but could not because of other important reasons. By the way, please ask your student if someone by accident did not take an important white folder from the judges table, and let me know as soon as possible. Wishing you all lots of blessing in your valuable work in helping these young students to experience the spirit of beauty, Roza Yoder