2013-2014 Results

CAPMT District III Honors Auditions 2013 Results

Congratulations to everyone. This year's competitions were on a much higher level than last year. It was a pleasure to hear many interesting interpretations and pieces!

Category B
Kasper Yoder, student of Roza Yoder

Andrew Case Keough, student of Leonore Hall

Category C
Domink Yoder, student of Roza Yoder

James Kim, student of Anders Martinson,

Category D
Lukasz Yoder, student of Roza Yoder

Rufus Bordal, student of Anders Martinson

Category F
Alexander Pao, student of Alpha H. Walker

Clara Chin, student of Mie Shirai

All winners are expected to compete/perform at the CAPMT State Convention on February 1, 2014 in Santa Clara. If your students have been selected as winners, please let me know as soon as possible if they will or will not be able to participate. If the winner cannot perform, the alternate is eligible to participate.

Big thanks to Naoko Watanabe and Mie Shirai for help today. I would not be able to run this competition without you!
Thanks to Liliana for fantastic Hall and piano! Thanks to Alpha Walker, for all the computer paper work!

Thanks to all of you, who donated or promised to donate money for the Lunch for judges. (Please send it to Maria Lee and write it for $10 (or more J) to CAPMT DISTRICT III.

Big thanks to Maria Le, for making the programs, certificates and many more!

Wishing everybody Blessings for upcoming Holidays, and lots of joyful music making.