2014-2015 Results

CAPMT District 3
Honors Auditions
2014 Results

Cat A
to be announced

Cat B
Winner: Kasper  Yoder – teacher Roza Yoder
Alternate: Timotee Allouch – teacher Anders Martinson

Cat C
Winner: Dominik Yoder – teacher Roza Yoder
Alternate: James Kim – teacher Anders Martinson

Cat D
Winner: Rufus Bordal – teacher Anders Martinson
Alternate: Max Hammond - teacher Anders Martinson

Cat E
Winner: Caroline Ho – teacher Anders Martinson
Alternate: Alyssa French – teacher Deborah How

Cat F
Winner: Eri  Wong – teacher Joel  Clifft
Alternate: Shanice Aaron – Anli Lin Tong

Dear Teachers,

The 2014 Honors Auditions was a great event. We had twice as long event because of twice as many contestants. The level was much higher than before, so congratulation to all of you for an excellent work! There was a lot of great music played yesterday, and it is a pity, the judges were only allowed to pick one winner and one alternate!

If your students are the winners, please confirm that they will be able to participate in the CAPMT State Finals in February. If they can't, the Alternates will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Congratulations to all!!!

Roza Yoder