Sonata/Sonatina Competition

District 3 Sonata/Sonatina Competition

Anne Yoon-Young Shin

Date: April 28, 2019 (Sunday)
Venue: Los Angeles Harbor College (1111 Figueroa Place • Wilmington, CA 90744)
Time: 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM (approximate)

Online Application & Payment Portal Opens: February 28, 2019
Online Application & Payment Portal Closes: March 28, 2019

CAPMT District 3 Sonata/Sonatina Competition
Elementary A7 & underSonatina: One Movement$35.00
Elementary B8–9Sonatina: One Movement$40.00
Elementary Complete9 and underSonatina: Complete$45.00
Intermediate A10–11Sonatina: One Movement$40.00
Intermediate B12–14Sonatina: One Movement$40.00
Intermediate C15–18Sonatina: One movement$40.00 
Intermediate Complete10–18Sonatina: Complete$45.00
Advanced A11 and under Sonata: One Movement$45.00
Advanced B12–14Sonata: One Movement$45.00 
Advanced C15–18Sonata: One Movement$45.00
Advanced Complete18 & underSonata: Complete$50.00
Collegiate 1Music MajorSonata: One Movement$50.00
Collegiate 2Music MajorSonata: Complete$55.00
Adult 118 & aboveSonata: One Movement$50.00
Adult 218 & aboveSonata: Complete$55.00
  • Applicants must enter the proper category according to age as of May 1, 2019.
  • A proof-of-age document (e.g. Birth certificate, passport, driver's license) is required for each student and must be uploaded during the online application process.
  • Sonatina Categories
    Any sonatina from the standard repertoire may be submitted, including but not limited to sonatinas by Clementi, Diabelli, Kuhlau, Dussek, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven (including the Sonatas Op. 49), Attwood, Gurlitt, Wanhal, Schumann, Kabalevsky, Khatchaturian, Bastien, Alexander, etc.

  • Sonata Categories
    Any sonata from the standard repertoire may be submitted, including but not limited to sonatas by Clementi, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Chopin, Liszt, Brahms, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Dello-Joio, Barber, etc.

  • Prizes (All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.)
Complete1st Place$70.00
Complete2nd Place$50.00
CompleteHonorable Mention(s)        
One Movement1st Place$50.00
One Movement2nd Place$35.00
One MovementHonorable Mention(s)

  • General Requirements
    1.  All music must be performed by memory.
    2.  Students must provide a copy of the music for the judges.
    3.  No photocopies.
    4.  Contestants may apply for one category only.
    5.  The teacher must be a member of CAPMT
         and must have paid state and national dues before April 1, 2019.
    6.  The student must have studied with the current teacher
         for at least 6 months prior to May 1, 2019.
    7.  Teachers must not identify themselves to the judges.
    8.  The Sonata/Sonatina Competition is CLOSED to the general public,
         but immediate family is allowed in the audience for each
         individual student.

  • Please have your PayPal account information or Credit Card information ready before clicking the submit button.

  • All CAPMT District 3 Sonata/Sonatina Competition
    2019 Application Fees must be paid online.

  • After submitting the application form and paying the registration fees online, you will receive a Submission Confirmation at the Teacher E-mail address you entered above.

  • If you submit the application form, but abort the payment, we may be able to retrieve your data. Please e-mail BRAVURA innovations for assistance. THANK YOU!