2011-2012 Results

Thank-you for your participation in the District III Sonata/Sonatina Competition which was held on Sunday, May 6, 2012 at Steinway Piano Gallery in West Hollywood. The event was highly successful and we are grateful to all participating teachers and students for their hard work. The result was a day full of wonderful music!

Our excellent judges were Kristi Lobitz and Ann Oshetsky.
Thank you to Steinway Piano Gallery for hosting the Sonata/Sonatina Competition.

Elem AWinston Iskandar1stHeewon Kwon
Elem AAndrew Case Keough2ndLeonore Hall
Elem AKasper Yoder3rdRosa Yoder
Elem  BJames Kim1stAnders Martinson
Chisa Yoshida2ndKazuko Yasukawa
Mizuki Shelly Horiguchi3rdKazuko Yasukawa
Elem. CompleteDylan Iskandar1stHeewon Kwon
Int. AManaka Yoshizawa1stKazuko Yasukawa
Int. AHannan Salam2ndKazuko Yasukawa
Int. AJonathan Cheng3rdKazuko Yasukawa
Int. BAndreas Ispas1stAlpha Walker
Int. BJason Yamamoto2ndMihyang Keel
Int. CompleteFion Quach2ndNancy Yang Teng
Adv. ANicole You1stMyong-Joo Lee
Adv. ALukasz Yoder2ndRosa Yoder
Adv. AJocelyn Hsu3rdKazuko Yasukawa
Adv. BErika Hathaway1stKazuko Yasukawa
Adv. BDeborah Cheng2ndKazuko Yasukawa
Adv. BAlan Lin3rdNancy Yang Teng
Adv. CEric Lin1stNancy Arnold
Adv. CIn Kwon2ndMihyang Keel
Adv. CGabrielle Sipen3rdRosa Yoder
Adv. CompleteRachel Chen1stRosa Yoder
Collegiate 2Kristi Chiou1stRosa Yoder
Adult 1Anna Nizhegorodtseva1stRosa Yoder
Adult 2Maria Wietrzyska1stRosa Yoder