The California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT) is a music teachers organization of over 1,000 members, teaching in independent studios, private and public schools, conservatories, colleges, and universities throughout California.

CAPMT offers a variety of state programs for the music student and educational and professional opportunities for its members: www.capmt.org. California is divided into nine geographical districts, some of which are subdivided into chapters. The districts and chapters provide local opportunities for student performances, competitions and evaluations and for teacher enrichment, education and interaction. District III represents the southern part of Los Angeles County.

"The primary purpose of CAPMT is to raise the standards of music education and to promote the art of music throughout the State by means of educational activities, which will heighten awareness and understanding of the art of music by students, teachers, and the general public, including State Conferences, District conferences, master classes, workshops, student evaluations and competitions, newsletter and scholarship opportunities."*

*CAPMT Constitution, Art. II, Sec. 4

Why Join CAPMT?

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