2009-2010 Results

Congratulations to the CAPMT Piano Auditions and Ensemble Auditions teachers for all of the fine performances today given by your students.

A total of 35 students performed in three programs held at the California State University, Dominguez Hills on Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009. Four teachers participated in this event.

All students receiving the top "5" rating will be invited to perform at the CAPMT Southern Festival on Saturday, February 6, 2010 to be held at the Pacific Palms Resort, City of Industry, CA.

Congratulation to the 13 students that received the top rating of a "5"!

Student # Name (Teacher)

A3 Samantha Wathugala (Kazuko Yazukawa)

A5 Emma Tai (Kazuko Yazukawa)

A7 Maggie Zhang (Kazuko Yazukawa)

B3 Allison WIlliams (Kazuko Yazukawa)

B5 Samantha See (Kazuko Yazukawa)

B6 Peter Lu (Noreen Wenjen)

B9 Irene Lee (Noreen Wenjen)

B10 Michelle Lu (Noreen Wenjen)

C2 Candace Baik (Darlene Vlasek)

C5 Christopher Johnson (Darlene Vlasek)

C6 Katie Percz (Eunee Yee)

C7 Lauren Otera (Darlene Vlasek)

C13 Jesse Zhang (Eunee Yee)

Noreen Wenjen, NCTM

Piano Auditions and Ensemble Auditions Chair, District III