Piano Auditions

2020-2021 Piano Auditions

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Venue: Kayo Piano Studio (3142 Pacific Coast Highway Suite #208 Torrance, CA)

Chair: Kayo Harada


Application Fees: TBD

The 2020 CAPMT Piano Auditions provide an opportunity for piano students of all ages, including college students and adults, to perform solo and accompanied music at the Chapter level.

Piano Auditions are designed to encourage and motivate students through the evaluation of prepared solo and accompanied literature chosen from the CAPMT Piano Auditions Repertoire List (revised August 2017). Students are rated 1–5 (5 being the best), with those receiving a 5-, 5, or 5+ being invited (but not required) to perform at the CAPMT Northern Festival or CAPMT Southern Festival.

Levels, Performance Time Limits, & Application Fees

(Revised August 2018)

Levels 1 through 10

See CAPMT Piano Auditions Repertoire List (revised August 2017) for required repertoire for each level.

Performance Time Limits

Levels 1–3: 10 minutes

Levels 4–6: 12 minutes

Levels 7–10: 15 minutes

Application Fees

Levels 1–3: $35

Levels 4–6: $40

Levels 7–10: $45

Application Fees will only be accepted ONLINE via credit card payment

Application Fees Surcharge for students of Non-CAPMT Members $20

Online Application Deadline: